September 5, 2016


How Ghanaians acquired appetite for pork


Good media projection and the 1986 Pork Show in 1986 helped make pork become popular as part of the people's diet in Ghana.

The Pig Site reported that a pork show, held 30 years ago, signalled the start of the Ghanaians' improved perception of pig meat although imported pig feet had always been a delicacy.


It said the pig industry today is booming as the Ghana Pig Farmers Association boasts a membership of 400 farmers.


Both imported and local pork products such as sausages, bacon and ham are very visible on supermarket shelves, and many take-away joints offer fried yam or rice and sausage for lunch.


Popular chain restaurants offering pork meals and products include Amax pork joint and Pork Office. Many small pork shops in urban areas have also reported doing good business.




In 1914, the pork industry suffered a setback after a video of a sausage manufacturer in Ghana allegedly using unhygienic processing methods went viral. Many Ghanaians shunned pork products. The video was later found to be fake.


The Pig Farmers Association undertook a PR blitz in an effort to restore public acceptance of pork and its products, especially the local ones. Even the Food and Drugs Authority joined the public relations effort.


"We certainly didn't need the bad publicity we got," Mr Kow Acheampong, the association's president, was quoted as saying.


He added that the industry had great potential and that "our future prospects are very bright".


With increased investments, pig farming should make a major contribution to the Ghanaian economy, Acheampong said.

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