September 4, 2020


Zagro Asia Limited strengthens disinfectant range


Global agrisolutions company Zagro Asia Limited has strengthened its biosecurity programme through its wide range of farm hygiene products effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi, the company said in a press statement.

With the rising number of African swine fever (ASF) cases in various countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe, Zagro commissioned CISA, a European Union reference laboratory for ASF since 2002, for independent evaluation of Ultraxide™ against the ASF virus. The Spain-based laboratory conducted the evaluation in accordance with the EN 14675 test method, modified to enable testing against the ASF virus.

The results confirmed the efficacy of Ultraxide against ASF at a 1:300, 1:200, and at 1:100 dilution rate at the exposure time of 5 minutes.

Aside from the ASF virus, Ultraxide has also tested effective against the H5N1 Virus and various strains of coronaviruses. The disinfectant is approved and registered to use in various countries, including Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

Ultraxide is just one of Zagro's wide range of highly active disinfectants registered and distributed in various countries.

Zagro also offers Kleenguard, which contains Alkyl benzyl dimethyl ammonium chloride. It is a potentiated disinfectant that can kill a wide range of bacteria, mould, yeasts and protozoa.

Another multi-action disinfectant is Ultraxide Plus which has a blend of different types of quaternary ammonium compounds, glutaraldehyde and plant extracts. For additional efficacy, the plant extract is added for its antiseptic, antiviral and bactericidal activities.

Zarcon, a broad spectrum disinfectant containing potassium peroximonosulphate with sodium chloride and organic acid, has great efficacy against diseases that affect the livestock industry, including avian influenza, foot and mouth disease, Gumboro disease, hog cholera, infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, salmonellosis, swine vesicular disease, and blue ear disease.

There is also Zagro Farm Liquid, a phenolic disinfectant that has a synergistic mixture of natural phenol and organic acids. It is a heavy-duty disinfectant used for terminal disinfection for all classes of livestock. Zagro also offers Ioguard-300, a broad-spectrum, stabilised, iodine-based disinfectant effective against a wide range of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

For dairy cows, Zagro's Hexiguard Teat, containing Chlorhexidine gluconate and emollient-refined glycerine, assists in controlling mastitis and treating teat cracking and chapping.

A video of the company's disinfectant range can be viewed at: