Livestock & Feed Bussiness Worldwide: September 2018

Global meat market beefs up to demand
Pork is arguably the most consumed meat globally, which - according to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) - shared over 36% of global meat intake (2014).
That could soon change as chicken is expected to supplant pork's position by 2020. With its friendlier appeal to religious sensitivities pertaining to meat consumption, chicken would become the “main meat of the future,” The Wall Street Journal reported.
However, what is noteworthy is the recently regained momentum of global beef. Owing its better export metrics to "highly populated, fast-growing but land poor countries,” beef - as our senior analyst observes - will see its demand driven more by “emerging market buyers,” rather than “economically mature nations which drove late 20th-century consumption."
In the September 2018 issue of LIVESTOCK & FEED Business, we will look at the markets defining the current beef trade.
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