September 4, 2008


EU rapeseed production up, soy production down


The USDA raised EU's rapeseed production to 19 million tonnes Aug 28 while the region's soy and sunflower production were lowered to 645,000 tonnes and 6.1 million tonnes, respectively.


With the rapeseed harvest almost complete, the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service reports that most member states have reported higher yields, with only the Czech Republic, Sweden and Spain reporting lower than expected yields.


The rise in rapeseed production comes despite reduced rapeseed area in Germany, Finland and the Czech Republic.


Larger rapeseed availability is expected to lead to higher exports, mainly from Bulgaria, and higher crush, mainly in France and Finland, the FAS said.



EU soy imports are expected to be up due to reduced planting in Romania.


Increased imports in 2007-08 are expected to result in higher crush than expected in the FAS July update.


As soymeal and oil production ranged higher, imports of soymeal and oil were slightly revised down. In addition, exports of soyoil were increased.




EU sunflower seed production was lowered due to poorer expected production in Romania,.


The drop in production in Romania is only partially offset by the higher production figures reported by several other member states, including France and Spain.


EU estimates for sunflower meal imports and exports were revised down slightly for 2007-08.


Sun oil imports are expected to be lower due to greater supply in France.

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