September 4, 2008


Survey says Vietnam milk prices highest in the world

The retail price of milk in Vietnam is the highest in the world, according to a survey conducted by FTA Market Research Company.


Vietnam's average milk retail price is US$0.82 per kg, compared to US$0.8 per kg in North America, China, Israel, and the EU, and US$0.4 per kg in Eastern Europe and South America, the survey said.


Last year, milk sales rose only 6 percent in volume but surged 20 percent in value.


Milk consumption is estimated to register sales of US$920 million this year and US$1 billion for next year, the survey said.


The survey also said average per capital milk consumption in Vietnam reaches 9-10 kg per year.


The price of a 400-gramme can of domestic milk costs about US$4.2-6, while the price of imported milk is US$9-9.6.

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