September 4, 2008


Singaporean company to develop pork import channel

Singapore Food Industries (SFI) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Green Nature Richness Sdn Bhd (GNR) to develop an exclusive export channel to Singapore for the Pig Farm Area (PFA) in Sarawak, Malaysia.


Under the agreement, the two companies will initiate a preliminary study on the PFA's compliance with Singapore's export and accreditation standards imposed on exporting pig farms.


Malaysian and Sarawak governments have appointed GNR as the legal representative and operator of the PFA, and GNR will utilise SFI's experience in the hog auction and slaughter business to work on ensuring compliance with Singapore's export and accreditation standards, the partners said.


This partnership is a stepping-stone that will lead to a future joint venture for both companies, according to SFI CEO Roger Yeo.


"The joint-venture company may be appointed the exclusive agent for the export of live pigs, chilled pork, frozen pork and processed pork products into Singapore," said Yeo.


SFI is a leading fully integrated food logistics, catering supplier, and hog auction and slaughterhouse operator.

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