September 4, 2008
Provimi expands Latin American presence with Colombia acquisition


Animal nutrition company Provimi Group has signed agreements for the acquisition of 'Biovet', a leading premix producer in Colombia.


According to a Provimi press release, Biovet is the leading independent premix producer in the country, particularly for poultry.

Biovet is located in Bogota with a good nationwide distribution network and is well located for both the import and export of animal nutrition products from and to neighbouring Latin American countries.


The acquisition of Biovet is fully in line with Provimi's strategy of growing its presence in Latin America.


Columbia's high GDP growth in recent years has led to increased meat consumption, which has helped the feed production sector. Last year, the country produced more than 5 million tonnes of feed.

Provimi has two other companies in Latin America, Nutron in Brazil and Alimental in Argentina, as well as Bonimex trade offices in Chile and Costa Rica.


Provimi's total sales in Latin America amounted to EUR 125 million in 2007.


The Provimi Group is active worldwide in all types of animal nutrition and had sales of EUR 1.9 billion in 2007.

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