September 4, 2003



Argentina's 2002-03 Corn Harvest Done, Produces 15 Million Tons


Farmers in Argentina have finished harvesting the 2002-03 corn crop, which was estimated at 3.092 million hectares, the Agriculture Secretariat reported on Sept 1. Total production from the crop is expected to reach 15 million metric tons.


By this time last year, farmers had already harvested 100% of 3.064 million hectares. Indeed, last year's crop was completely collected by Aug. 8.


This year's crop totaled 2,318,220 hectares, as the Secretariat said 774,000 hectares were lost to poor weather and related problems.


The Buenos Aires Cereals Exchange said three weeks ago that the crop had already been collected completely.


The exchange estimated total collectible area at 2.349 million hectares, though this does not include corn used for domestic feed.


The exchange put final 2002-03 production at 15.72 million metric tons.


The exchange said the average yield this year was 6.7 tons/hectare, an all- time high for Argentina.


Argentina harvested 2.3 million hectares of corn in 2001-02, putting total output at 14.397 million tons, according to the Secretariat.


The Secretariat expects farmers to harvest at least 15 million tons during the 2003-04 campaign.