September 3, 2019

New Zealand statutory board concerned over regional ASF's impact on local swine sector


The general manager of NZ Pork, a statutory industry board that works to support New Zealand's pork farmers, has voiced concern on how a recent, potential - and unconfirmed - case of African swine fever in the Philippines could affect New Zealand's swine industry and its wider agricultural sector, which employed several workers from that country.

"We are potentially seeing the disease take another step closer to New Zealand, as it continues its march through Asia,'' NZ Pork's David Baines commented. "However, of much greater concern is that farm workers from New Zealand could come into contact with the disease while visiting the Philippines and bring it back to this country.''


The Philippines is still investigating whether recent pig deaths happening near Barangay San Isidro in Rizal were caused by ASF.


Taking no chances, NZ Pork is calling upon farmers to review biosecurity protocols and consider arrangements for no-contact time and staff stand-down periods after overseas travel.


Based on recommendations provided by the World Organisation for Animal Health on combating ASF, staff and visitors should steer clear from pigs for at least five days after returning from overseas. In addition, no pork products of any kind, local or imported, should be brought on to a pig farm.


- NZ Herald