September 3, 2015


Nutreco animal nutrition research centres renamed Trouw Nutrition R&D



Dutch firm Nutreco on Thursday announced that its global animal-nutrition research centres will be renamed Trouw Nutrition R&D, saying the change is part of its move to strengthen its global animal-nutrition activities under one brand.


Trouw Nutrition R&D comprises five research centres operating in the Netherlands (Ingredient Research Centre, the Ruminant Research Centre and the Swine Research Centre), Spain (Poultry Research Centre) and Canada (Agresearch, which is one of the largest animal R&D facilities in North America focusing on dairy, swine and poultry).


Nutreco said it would also double its investment in R&D and innovation, both in animal nutrition and fish feed, over the next years.


With production facilities in 25 countries and sales in over 90 countries, Trouw Nutrition is Nutreco's global animal nutrition brand. The fish-feed and animal-nutrition products maker said the renaming of the R&D centres is part of its objective to accelerate innovation in closer contact with customers and bring technology faster to the market.


"Our R&D strategy remains unchanged and our innovative strength is focused on three areas: Life Start, Health & Welfare, and Feed Efficiency," said Leo den Hartog, director of Trouw Nutrition R&D. "We believe that technological advancements in animal nutrition must play a central role in improving the environmental footprint of the food industry as a whole and in feeding a growing world population."


Research collaborations


The Trouw Nutrition research centres have over 50 long-term research collaborations with leading universities, research institutes and other organisations. Trouw Nutrition R&D has also established an exclusive research partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Centre of China. To further validate and test research results in practice, it has field research farms in many key markets including China, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Meanwhile, Nutreco's fish-feed business operates under the brand name Skretting. Its research activities are clustered in the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC), which is based in Norway and which has additional research units in Italy, Spain, China and Japan.


Additionally Nutreco has a Food Research Centre in Spain.

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