September 3, 2013


New Zealand collaborates with Sri Lanka on dairy trade

New Zealand's Federated Farmers has responded positively to the New Zealander government's cooperation with Sri Lanka in creating greater confidence in the dairy trade, following uncertainty caused by the Fonterra botulism scare.

"The Dairy Sector Cooperation Agreement will ensure healthy and sustainable growth both domestically and internationally. It is a trade-off of our world-class expertise for market assurance," says Willy Leferink, the chairperson of Federated Farmers.


"If we can help these people in setting up their dairy supply chain with a happy customer at the bottom, it will be hugely beneficial for both countries, as we can fill the shortfalls and keep building the consumer base. We cannot expect to provide the building global population for ever and ever, with long term dairy demand increasing 2% compounding. That is a New Zealand dairy industry every year worldwide, so we need to keep building the supply chain and the consumer base."


Leferink added, "Whilst Sri Lanka can rely on Fonterra to ensure they are building their product off a decent platform domestically, Fonterra can ensure the quality of the product meets consumer's expectations. This will provide a basis of trust in high quality products, which will gain even more consumers across the globe,"


"It is better to be on the field than in the reserves," concluded Leferink.

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