September 3, 2008


Jordan company seeks to export Brazilian milk to Iraq


A Jordanian company is seeking to export Brazilian powdered milk to Iraq and would be exporting much more to the country if the price is right. 


The director of Middle Furat trading company, Mohd Shqwara, is in Sao Paulo seeking producers of powdered milk. The company does not yet import from Brazil.


The company is mulling offers from Aboissa, which trades vegetable oils and animal fats, and Serlac Trading, specialized in dairy products.


According to the director, Middle Furat already imports milk and oil from Europe, but is after more competitive prices. Middle Furat, which also imports black tea and other vegetable oils, works directly with Iraq.


According to Shqwara, in the early 1980s the company imported around US$35 million in food each year, and now the sector has more than doubled.


In powdered milk alone, the Jordanian trading company imports 2,500 tonnes a month. The company also buys 25 containers of sunflower oil a month.


Shqwara said the company is open to importing much more.


The company's idea is also to expand sales to Sudan and Libya but the sheer scale of the Iraqi market meant they would be focusing on this market for now. 

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