September 3, 2003



Brazil Controls Genetically-Modified Soybeans 


Brazil has registered expansion in tests directed at detecting GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) in soybean. Gehaka, the major player at domestic market and division of the US SDI (Strategic Diagnostics Incorporated), reported 30% boost from January to July 2003 over 2002 same period, 2,750 kits.


The company' director, Christian Kaufmann, domestic exporters aim to follow European regulation. The region absorbed 40% of grains and 73% bran from Brazil until July.


 According to the director of the certification company Cert ID, Augusto Freire, five exporters have planned to certificate some operations as GMO free. Freire predicts Brazil exports nearly 5 million tons of conventional soy (bran, bran and oil) per year, out of the total 21 million tons of soybean and 14million tons of bran external sales forecasted to 2003.