September 1, 2015

DuPont Pioneer expands multi-crop research center in Indiana, US


DuPont Pioneer announced the expansion of its research center, based in Windfall, Indiana, US, to better serve local growers and support global breeding and testing programmes in corn, soybeans and wheat.

"DuPont Pioneer is growing its network of multi-crop research centers to leverage collaboration between crop researchers, maximise resources and advance our research locally and more quickly than ever before," said Carlos Hentschke, DuPont Pioneer's director for the Heartland business unit. "The expansion at the Windfall research center will directly benefit growers in Indiana, across the eastern US and areas out west."

The multi-crop research center's expansion includes 15,000 square feet of indoor work space and 9,600 square feet of equipment and machinery storage. The center also added three new breeding programmes.

Pioneer hosted local growers, industry representatives, employees and government officials during a recent facility open house to view the expansion and hear from DuPont leaders, including Chair & CEO, Ellen Kullman.

"The center will enable the deployment of advanced breeding technologies, such as doubled haploids and molecular breeding for development of high-quality, locally adapted hybrids," said Paul Stephens, DuPont Pioneer's senior director for soybean research. "The research that will take place here is an important part of the DuPont strategic focus on agriculture and nutrition against the backdrop of an increasing world population and demand for more food."

The investment in Windfall indicates significant support from DuPont and Pioneer to lead in scientific innovation and advanced crop development. Recent global R&D facility investments include plans to build a US$35 million soybean research facility at its Stine Haskell Research Center in Newark, Delaware, and another research center in Lethbridge, Alberta, aimed at developing ultra-early maturity corn hybrids for western Canada.

In November 2014, Pioneer unveiled its multi-crop research center in Hyderabad, India.

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