September 2, 2011


Belgian pig group to take out 100,000 sows



Veva, a Flemish pig producer organisation, has presented a proposal to eliminate 100,000 sows from the market in Belgium, a Dutch agricultural newspaper reported.


This would equal a reduction of 20% in the whole of Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, where virtually all Belgian pigs are located.


The sows should be purchased for an amount of EUR650 (US$927.55) per sow. This would mean a fund needs to be created consisting of EUR65 million (US$92.76 million). Veva suggested the fund to be financed by a levy of EUR1 (US$1.43) per finisher pig. The Flemish decentral authorities would have to take the lead by financing the plan in advance.


Veva presented the plan to the Flemish prime minister Kris Peeters and motivated it by referring to the very bad current economic situation in the Flemish pork industry. Due to the low meat prices, reducing numbers of growers are demanded for being finished. A growing oversupply of piglets is the consequence.


In addition, the Flemish pig industry still needs to make heavy investments to meet the 2013 compulsory EU requirements regarding group housing.

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