September 2, 2008


Russia's plans to cut US poultry imports may lead to lesser container usage


Russian plans to cut US poultry imports may lead to a drop in US refrigerated freight to the country and a drop in prices.


Russia's agricultural ministry has indicated that it would soon slash poultry imports from the US. The country is the largest importer of US poultry.


Imports are likely to total 1.2 million tonnes, with 900,000 tonnes supplied by the US.


Russia intends to cut import quotas that were negotiated in accession talks to the World Trade Organisation.


Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev said Russian pork and poultry production has increased significantly over the past few years and can now substitute meat imports.


A recent lack of containers in parts of the US forced chicken exporters to switch to specialist refrigerated tonnage, pushing freight rates up.


US exporters of chickens now pay up to US$260 per tonne, three times what would have been the normal rate.

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