September 2, 2008


UK-China pork agreement to boost Northern Ireland's pig sector

The recently agreed pork trade agreement between China and the UK is expected to boost Northern Ireland's pig sector with pork exports and a growth in local farm gate pig prices. 

British Pig Association (BPA) chairman Robert Overend, said China's pork market is large and the Chinese consumes offals, intestines and all other parts that are unwanted by the UK market.


Those unwanted portions are disposed at a significant cost to local processors and it is deducted from the price paid to producers, Overend said. However, the trade deal would now place more value on those parts and as a result, local farm gate pig prices may rise between 5-7 pence per kilogramme.


Overend expressed his confidence in the standards of Northern Ireland's export processing plants and animal health, and is calling on all local pig processors to make enquiries about the export opportunities presented by the Chinese market.

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