September 1, 2016


Imported pork mainly used for making ham and sausages in China


China is the world's largest pork consumer, and it is reported that China has imported about 940,000 tonnes of pork from January to July this year. Shuanghui, one of China's main domestic importers,reportedly imported about 141,000 tonnes of pork during the same period, which accounts for 15% of China's total pork imports.


As the pork imports are mostly frozen meat, only a small amount goes to supermarkets, shopping malls and other direct sales channels. The bulkof them are actually shipped to food processing companies to make into sausages, ham and other pork products.


Despite a sharp rise in the volume of pork imports (it is estimated that the total volume of pork imports will reach 2 million tonnes this year), it only represents around 3% to 4% of China's total pork consumption. This is because imported pork is mainly used to meet the needs of food processing enterprises in China, as meat imports can reduce the cost of raw materials significantly.

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