September 1, 2009
India Aqua weekly: Dry spell hits India aqua market (Week ended Aug 29, 2009)
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Price Summary
Some positive growths have started pouring in the aqua market which is now picking up.
Hilsa gained Rs25 per kg and settled at Rs27, 500 per 100 kgs as against last week's price of Rs25, 000 giving a boom of Rs2, 500 per 100 kgs in the last week.
Rahu (Andhra) and in Prawn Sector 'C' category, both the species were remained stable and traded at the same last week's price of RsRs5, 500 and Rs9, 500 per 100 kgs as far as prices of these two commodities are concerned. 
Prawn 'A' and 'B' categories, took an upward jump of Rs5, 000 and Rs2, 500 and traded at Rs32, 500 and Rs17, 500 in comparison to last week's prices of Rs27, 500 and Rs15, 000 per 100 kg respectively. 
Rahu (Local) was up by Rs1, 000 and was traded at Rs8, 000 against last week's price of Rs7, 000 per 100 kilograms.
Market Analysis
The long dry spell was equally bad for fishermen in Adilabad district as only a fifth of the number of fingerlings have been released in Kadem reservoir.
The Fisheries Department has not initiated any fishing activity at the Satnala reservoir, the second major place of commercial interest to fishermen in the district.
As production of fish is expected to dwindle to about 40 percent from last year's 6,000 tonnes, the price of retail fish is going to rise not only locally but in the markets of Nagpur, Nanded in Maharashtra and distant Kolkata where fish from Adilabad are exported.
Fishermen however, hope to salvage their doomed livelihood to some extent due to the current spell of rainfall that has brought some inflows into the drying up tanks, lakes and reservoirs.
N. Hanmanth Rao, Assistant Director of Fisheries in Adilabad tells that the local government be able to release only about two million fingerlings till September end in Kadem as against the usual 50 million.
"Consequently, we have issued fishing licences to only 197 fishermen against a total membership of 550 in the local fishermen society. At Satnala, there is hardly any scope for release of fingerlings this season but 107 licences were issued as against a society membership of 150," he said.

Weekly transacted prices of major seafood species in India


Prices as Aug 22, 2009
(Rs/ 100 kg)

Prices as Aug 29, 2009
(Rs/ 100 kg)

Price change
(Rs/ 100 kg)


RS.25, 000

RS.27, 500

+RS 2, 500  

Rahu (Andhra)

RS.  5, 500

RS.  5, 500


Rahu (Local)

RS.  7, 000

RS. 8, 000

+RS1, 000

Prawn zambo a

RS.27, 500

RS.32, 500

+RS 5, 000   

Prawn zambo b

RS.15, 000

RS.17, 500

+RS 2, 500

Prawn zambo c

RS.09, 500

RS.  9, 500


US$1 = INR48.70 (Sep 1, 2009)

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