September 1, 2008


Defra confirms Bluetongue in Devon, UK


UK's Department of Environment , Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced the detection of Bluetongue (BTV8) in eight imported cattle, on premises near Tiverton, Devon.


The animals originated from the same consignment imported from within the BTV8 Restricted Zone in Germany. 


The cases were detected from post-import testing carried out by Defra on all Bluetongue susceptible animals arriving from Continental Europe.


On 20 August, Defra announced that Northumberland and Cumbria would both enter the Protection Zone at the same time but 'not before 1 September. This has given livestock keepers and sales organisers a degree of certainty to help them plan movement of their animals to slaughter or to sales in England and Scotland, to mitigate the impact on trade.


Defra confirms that the Protection Zone will be extended on 1 September into Northumberland and Cumbria. This will complete the roll-out of the vaccination programme by bringing the whole of England into the Protection Zone, enabling farmers to protect their animals from the threat of Bluetongue.


A mass vaccination campaign against Bluetongue began in late April this year, and approximately 21.5 million doses have so far been made available to farmers.

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