September 1, 2008


Mexico sees no retaliation to US meat trade restriction



Mexican agricultural and trade officials do not plan any immediate retaliation despite a US decision to shut down some of Mexico's meat exports to the US, officials at the Agricultural Ministry said Friday (August 29).


Mexican officials said that while sanitary and trade officials continued to investigate the seven plants from where meat exports had been stopped, there was "no reason at this point" to indicate any retaliation to be under way.


US fears that Mexico might retaliate against US meat imports after the plants were shut down added pressure to livestock markets this week.


"At this point there are no plans to initiate any retaliation against the US over this decision. Mexico shut down these plants voluntarily upon the request and will continue to investigate the situation," a spokesman at the ministry told Dow Jones Newswires.


The US Department of Agriculture last week requested that Mexico shut down seven plants after an audit in June and July found problems with safety procedures on the plants that export beef, pork and poultry products to the US.

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