August 31, 2018


Kuwait bans poultry imports from Malaysia and Germany


Kuwait's General Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries have announced a ban on birds and bird products from Malaysia and Germany after bird flu outbreaks.

The ban includes all live birds, hatchery eggs and one-day broiler chickens and all orders will be subject to conditions and regulations issued by the Animal Health Department.

If upon examination, any animal or food items that are found to be infected with the disease, will be rejected and the importer will be forced to return them to their home destination at their own expense.

Malaysia reported an outbreak of bird flu in Sabah earlier this month, resulting in the culling of more than 31,000 birds and destruction of nearly 4,000 eggs.

Similarly, Germany reported a bird flu outbreak in March on an island off the North Sea coast after killing hundreds of thousands of birds to combat the widespread of the epidemic.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) imposed a similar ban on Malaysian birds earlier this month.

Source: Gulf Business