August 31, 2016


AB Vista to provide free mycotoxin test at UK Dairy Day



A complimentary mycotoxin test has been added to AB Vista's offer of free on-the spot analysis for any silage and grass samples brought to the 3rd UK Dairy Day event, to be held in Telford on September 14.


All corn and wholecrop forage samples tested on the company's stand (H102) using the NIR4 Farm hand-held near-infrared reflectance (NIR) spectrometer also be sent for full mycotoxin screening using the Mycocheck service run by Micron Bio-Systems. The standard forage analysis results will be available immediately, while the mycotoxin test results will be emailed within 10 working days.

No charge will be made for either service, and the mycotoxin evaluation is likely to be of particular interest to those bringing corn and wholecrop cereal silages for analysis, said AB Vista.

"A 2014-15 survey of clamp-face silage samples from across the southwest of England found that mycotoxins were present in 90% of maize silages, 66% of wholecrop cereal silages and 71% of total mixed rations (TMR)," said Dr. Derek McIlmoyle, AB Vista's technical director for Great Britain and Ireland.

"Maize silage is particularly susceptible, with more than half of the samples that tested positive containing multiple mycotoxins, which will often combine to produce an additive effect, even at low levels."

The survey was the result of a collaboration led by Micron Bio-Systems that included the University of Bristol, The University of Nottingham and Duchy College, and key industry partners.

"Growing cereal crops are highly prone to infection by Fusarium moulds, which are the source of the most damaging mycotoxins for ruminants," Dr. McIlmoyle added. "Grass silages are also at risk, but more typically from mycotoxins produced by the moulds which often grow on the top surface of the clamp, or even on the open clamp face if silage dry matters are high."

The forage analysis service is available to all farmers, nutritionists and consultants attending the 2016 Dairy Day event.

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