FBA 16: September / October 2007


Product Highlights

Up to date mycotoxin informationavailable any time, from anywhere in the world.


Collaborate with fellow livestock producers, nutritionists, veterinarians and other stakeholders

Alltech's mycotoxin information website



WITH 25 percent of the world's grains considered contaminated by mycotoxins, the detriment mycotoxins cause to animal health and staggering annual cost to the livestock industry in terms of lost feed grains cannot be understated.


In response to this issue, Alltech launched a new mycotoxin information website (www.knowmycotoxins.com) on July 16 to educate various market segments in the animal feed industry facing the constant challenge of overcoming the mycotoxin threat towards feed and livestock performance.


Targeting all stakeholders in the animal feed industry including livestock producers, nutritionists and veterinarians, the website is interactive by allowing the audience to participate in discussion forums and web casts with industry experts.


For more information, visit www.knowmycotoxins.com



Product Highlights

A quick easy bird flu test kit for chickens, ducks and turkeys.


Storable at room temperature.


No additional extraction tests or reagents required

New bird flu test kit



INVERNESS Medical has developed a new test kit that detects Avian Influenza

Type A antigens in chickens, turkeys and ducks. BinaxNOW allows easy testing, with

no separate extraction steps or extra reagents required. After adding the sample to the test kit, results will show after 15 minutes. No special equipment or training is needed to use it.


The kit comes in individual packaging and is stored at room temperature.

For more information, visit www.invernessmedicalpd.com/poc.





Product Highlights

Analyses both physical and chemical properties.


Diode array technology assures accuracy and speed.


Features an 100,000 sample database.

Calibrations for feed analysis



PERTEN Instruments has offered INGOT Feed and Petfood calibration packages for the company's DA 7200 NIR analyser. The calibration packages enable feed and pet food manufacturers to analyse both chemical and physical properties in a very wide range of ingredients and finished products.


The DA 7200 NIR analyser is the most modern NIR analyser for the feed and pet food industries, and uses diode array technology to achieve speed, accuracy and ease of use.


INGOT was developed jointly by Central Laboratories (UK) and CRA-W (Belgium).


The INGOT database contains more than 100,000 samples, incorporating over 10 years of seasonal and geographical variation. Calibrations are available for a wide range of both chemical and physical properties in feed, pet food and ingredients.


Perten instruments will be working closely with both Central Laboratories (UK) and CRA-W (Belgium) to offer a complete NIR solution to users of the DA 7200. 




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