August 30, 2011


Pakistan's cattle is being underfed



Pakistan's cattle is being fed about 30-40% less feed whereas balanced diet is vital for its normal growth as underfeeding affects 50% of animal growth, UVAS Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Nawaz said.


Talking to APP on Sunday (Aug 28), he said that by using balanced diet, 11 kg feed increased one kg beef, two kg feed increased one kg chicken meat and one kg feed enhanced fish meat by two and a half kg.


To a question, the Dr Nawaz explained that a balanced diet should contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, water solubles, potassium, magnise, coper and iron for normal growth of the animal.


One-and-a-half to three-litre milk can be increased by letting lose cattle in cattleshed, he observed. Responding to another question, he said that for better production of milk and meat, 30% quality breed and 70% environment contribute to it. Answering a query regarding shortage and price hike of meat, he said that 200,000 cattle were smuggled to neighbouring countries every month due to which the country was facing shortage and price hike of meat.


Urgent steps are required to stop the illegal practice for larger interest of the country, he maintained.

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