August 29, 2011


Laotian capital's pig farm count drops by 20%



The number of pig farms in Vientiane, Laos' capital, has dropped by 20% to 80 farms this year from 100 farms in 2009, stated Neuang Sombounkhanh, Vientiane market-oriented Farming Group of Pigs' president.


Neuang attributed the reduction in number of pig farms in Vientiane to tough competition in prices of pork along with the outbreak of blue ear disease and foot and mouth disease over the last few years.


As a result, pork supplies have failed to meet the full consumption demand, even half of it, Neuang explained.


Pork prices sharply decreased during the competition of the SEA Games, as sellers were competitively lowering prices to lure consumers and that was resulting in pig farm closures as smaller farms are unable to compete.


Currently, on a daily basis, the group provides 150-170 pigs to the market, while consumption demand for pork is between 300 and 350.

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