August 29, 2011


Australian 2010-11 livestock exports drop



Exports of live cattle, sheep and goat in Australia all declined in the 2010-11 financial year as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, due to many contributing factors.


Live cattle exports were 16% lower on-year, at 806,855 heads, with the Indonesian market having a major influence on export numbers. Following record exports to Indonesia in 2009-10, the introduction of the 350kg weight restriction in June 2010, and uncertainty regarding the issuing of import permits (consequences of the Indonesian government's beef self-sufficiency policy), saw shipments slow, particularly during July - October 2010. The long wet summer also restricted transport across the Top End for an extended period, impacting cattle supply for export. The live export suspension to Indonesia in June 2011 also prevented what would have been a strong export month.


Total live cattle exports to Indonesia fell 36% on-year, to 459,186 heads. Also during the year, the emergence of Turkey helped lift export numbers, growing from 1,230 heads in 2009-10 to 104,355 heads in 2010-11. Other key markets included Israel (53,352 heads), China (50,944 head), Egypt (23,090 heads) and Malaysia (20,580 heads). The total value of live cattle exports in 2010-11 was AUD660.4 million (US$701.51 million), 6% lower than the previous year.

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