August 29, 2008


Pakistan chicken gets more expensive on rising input costs

Chicken prices in Pakistan have surged due to rising production cost, sending a ripple effect through the supply chain.


A month ago, chicken meat cost Rs 140-145 per kg but now it cost Rs 185-190 per kg in retail markets. The price of a live chicken has also increased to Rs 107 from Rs 92. The fresh price hike has come only a few days prior to the start of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting.


Chick rates also surged by Rs 18-19 per piece compared to previous rates of Rs 12-13.


Poultry production costs have increased by more than 40 percent therefore the rising of chicken meat prices is inevitable, according to sources from the poultry industry.


Maroof Siddiqui from the Pak Poultry Association, explained that chicken feed prices have doubled from Rs 700 per 50 kg to Rs 1,400, while fuel and transportation costs have also increased, which added to the overall cost.


Siddiqui said prices are expected to return to normalcy in the first two weeks of Ramadan due to a fall in chicken meat demand.


Food business activities are usually low in the first fortnight of Ramadan but they generally picks up during the second half of the month, leading to higher demand.


Chicken meat prices may exceed Rs 200 per kg before Eid-ul-Fitr, which starts after Ramadan ends.


US$1 = PKR 75.060 (August 29, 2008)

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