FBA Issue 22: September / October
11-14 November
Eurotier 2008



The largest agricultural show in Europe is again set to commence as Eurotier 2008 will showcase the region's newest innovation in professional animal husbandry. The latest companies, technologies and techniques for rearing cattle, hogs, poultry and seafood will be on display from November 11 to 14 at Hanover, Germany's Hanover Exhibition Grounds.


This biennial event is expected to be graced by more than 1,800 companies from all over the world and has been dubbed an ideal venue for making business contacts that bridge the eastern and western European markets. Large numbers of industrial buyers, advisors, dealers, veterinarians and specialists from the academia and research are expected to visit EuroTier.


This year, bioenergy and poultry will be highlighted as two shows for these two industries will also be held within the event. For the second time, BioEnergy Europe will offer investors and interested parties from municipalities, industry and agriculture a complete overview of products and services in this dynamically growing market. Building on the great success of the last exhibit in 2006, the international scale of this year's BioEnergy Europe will be expanded further and with support from VDMA Power Systems, the show will be expanded along the lines of energy sources such as biogas, liquid biofuels, solid biofuels and operators of local energy supply systems. BioEnergy 2006 drew 280 exhibitors from eight countries and over 37,000 visitors, 18 percent of whom were outside Germany, graced the affair.


In addition, approximately 185 companies and organisations worldwide from the fields of breeding, husbandry and processing, have booked their stands for the World Poultry Show, another main feature for Eurotier 2008. These corporations will be presenting their new developments for poultry production on over a 13,000-square meter exhibition floor space.


Moreover, foreign exhibitors comprise 70 percent of the participants-- the highest that the show has registered so far. Strong synergies for feed and feed storage, animal health, animal housing climate control and many others will be presented and that were never before seen in any poultry shows.


EuroTier 2008 is expected to be the best ever yet since its inception in 1993. The show is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan as it now presents the latest in animal husbandry and production methods from Russia, the Middle East and East Asia.


For more information, please visit www.eurotier.de
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