August 29, 2008


Philippine beef imports rise by 13 percent on-year


In 2007-08 period, the Philippines imported a total of 122,295 tonnes of beef, a surge of 13 percent.


The country reported record beef imports from India, US, Canada and New Zealand, combined with higher volumes from Australia, despite a slump in Brazilian imports from Brazil.


Indian carabeef imports increased by 13 percent on 2007-08 to 64,564 tonnes, accounting for 53 percent of the country's total beef imports.


Imports from the US also soared by 152 perent during the year to 5,591 tonnes swt, while imports from Canada reached 4,378 tonnes swt, leaping by 221 percent on-year.


During 2007-08, the Philippines also imported 50 percent more beef from New Zealand, at 9,460 tonnes swt.


Meanwhile, beef imports from Brazil declined by 20 percent during 2007-08, on-year to 25,776 tonnes swt.


Influenced by higher cattle prices, beef imports from Brazil were reportedly more expensive than product from other countries.

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