August 28, 2008


Philippines to re-claim position as world's top shrimp producer


The Philippines is keen on claiming back its position as the world's largest shrimp producer through the production of white shrimp P. vannamei.


The white shrimp, introduced in the country in August 2004, has been found to be more resistant than the indigenous Peneaus Monodon called Tiger Prawns.


Participants of the National Hipon Summit 2008 in Dagupan city last week were optimistic that the country can once again be the top shrimp producer worldwide. Producers expect that P. vannamei can double the rate of current production.


P. vannamei has previously been banned in the country but was widely used in countries like China, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.


The Department of Agriculture said that P. vannamei could propel shrimp production in the Philippines to reach 100,000 tonnes in five years.


Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Director Malcolm Sarmiento said that among seafood products, shrimp and prawn register the highest foreign exchange, earning at least US100 million dollars per year.


BFAR data also indicated that 60 percent of the country's shrimp production goes to the local market and the remainder is exported to Japan, South Korea, the US and other countries.


The Philippines is currently the fifth shrimp exporting country to the US, third exporter to South Korea and second exporter to Japan.

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