Argentina prosecution sustains bill banning salmon breeding


Argentina prosecution sustains bill banning salmon breeding


Argentina's prosecution office has considered that the Tierra del Fuego province bill establishing limits and rulings for the breeding and production of salmon species in provincial jurisdictional waters "do not exceed limits of the reasonable", and were approved by the Argentinean legislative in "the full exercise of its environmental competence, which privilege the conservation of natural resources above considerations of other nature".


This means that an appeal made by Australmar Almanza de Valdés — which is dedicated to the breeding and fattening of rainbow trout, and holds national and provincial quality certifications — has been rejected.


The appeal argued that the prohibition of breeding and producing salmons in lake and maritime provincial waters of Tierra del Fuego, "is illegitimate and in conflict with other legal rulings and the Argentine constitution."


Thus, the prohibition "violates prescriptions from articles 81 and 87 of the provincial constitution… in collision with the national bill for Sustainable Development of the aquaculture sector," the appeal stated.


However, ruling 19/21 dated August 13 pointed out that the "precautionary rationality" in the Environment Omnibus Bill "admits as valid and possible, manifestations not only the suspension but also the prohibition of all dangerous activity that might constitute a serious threat for the ecosystem," even when there is no scientific certainty of its noxiousness.


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