August 25, 2021


Bluefront Equity to acquire significant stake in AquaBioTech Group



AquaBioTech Group and Bluefront Equity announced that they have entered into a letter of intent whereby Bluefront Equity will acquire a significant stake in the company through a combination of purchase of shares and new capital to accelerate the growth.


AquaBioTech consists of three main divisions. The first is an aquaculture, fisheries and marine environment consulting, advisory and training company with offices in five countries serving hundreds of international clients.


The second division is the Contract Research Organisation (CRO), which has grown to become one of the largest licensed aquatic CRO facilities in the European Union  with more than 50 research recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) units in operation. The facility is used by all of the major vetriceutical, nutraceutical and aquatic nutrition companies for the testing, development and certification of aquatic vaccines and shrimp/ fish feeds.


The third division is an engineering and development company focused on the turnkey supply of RAS for commercial and research purposes that are designed for a variety of fish and shrimp species, including salmon hatcheries, nurseries and grow-out facilities.


Headquartered on the island of Malta, AquaBioTech was established in 1996 and has more than 100 staff recruited from over 25 countries and clients and projects in more than 55 countries.


Bluefront Equity is a 'pure play' seafood private equity firm. It invests across the seafood value chain in the future of the blue economy.


The planned investment by Bluefront Equity will enable AquaBioTech to continue to rapidly develop its international expansion plans, including the opening of a major office in Norway and Singapore.


Bluefront Equity promotes environmental and social characteristics as defined in Article 8 of the EU 2019/2088 Regulation on Sustainability Related Disclosures in the financial services sector.


- AquaBioTech Group