August 26, 2011


Ukrainian poultry population increases in July



In July, the poultry population of Ukraine increased by 0.4% or 0.970 million head to 238.359 million head in contrast to June as of August 1, 2011.


In private farms, the poultry population increased by 1.6% or 2.081 million head, and in specialised farms fell by 1% or 1.11 million head.


In comparison with August 1, 2010, poultry population rose by 1.4% or 3.208 million head.


In specialised farms, the poultry population rose by 1.6% or 1.604 million head, and in private farms by 1.2% or 1.604 million head.


According to an earlier media report in June, the poultry population grew by 9.4% or 20.377 million head, compared with May, to 237.389 million head as of July 1, 2011.

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