August 26, 2008


Canadian rapeseed production forecast at record level


Rapeseed production would hit records while wheat would see significant increases, Statistics Canada said in its first field crop production report, released Friday ( August 22, 2008).


Canada's rapeseed production would reach a record 10.4 million tonnes in 2008, up 9 percent from 2007.


Market demand for biodiesel and increasing crushing capacity, coupled with the high prices at the time of planting, may have motivated farmers to plant more rapeseed, Statistics Canada said.


Higher yields and larger harvested area are also chief reasons for the record production.


Total wheat production in 2008 was forecast at 25.4 million tonnes, up 27 percent from a year ago.


Spring wheat was forecast at 16.3 million tonnes, up 18 percent while durum was forecast at 4.9 million tonnes, up 33 percent, and winter wheat was forecast at 4.2 million tonnes, up 68 percent, Statistics Canada said.


However, oats, corn and barley production was down, according to the agency. 


Oats production in 2008 was forecast at 4 million tonnes, down 14 percent from a year ago. Corn was seen at 9.9 million tonnes, down 15 percent, and barley was seen at 10.9 million tonnes, down 1 percent.

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