August 25, 2011


Malaysian meat fulfills festive season's demand 



In spite of the prohibition on Australian goats, cows and sheep imports due to Hendra virus since July, there is enough meat for Aidilfitri, according to the Malaysian government.


Veterinary Services Department director general Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin said the government allowed import of fresh meat from Pakistan, Sudan and Brazil.


"We have no problems in terms of supply but worry over the price. Despite ceiling price, we fear manipulation of stock to drive up prices," he said on Monday (Aug 22).


Aziz said ban on importation of live animals was a precaution so that Hendra virus outbreak did not spread to Malaysia. "More than 10 cases occurred over there. The pandemic is no different than nipah virus in 1998 and 1999 which destroyed the pig rearing industry and claimed over 120 lives."


The ministry is currently in talks with Australian government to improve existing import conditions including imposing Hendra virus tests. "They did not object but want us to fix two or three things not associated with Hendra before they can issue export permits."

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