August 25, 2011


Canada's wheat yield to grow 4% on-year



Overall Canadian wheat production was estimated to rise 4% from 2010, whereas rapeseed output was expected up 11% and record high, Statistics Canada said on August 24 in its Estimate of Production of Principal Field Crops report.


Based on data collected from July 25 to August 2, Statistics Canada forecast higher production of durum and winter wheat, rapeseed, barley and oats but lower production of spring wheat, corn, soy and flaxseed than in 2010. Summerfallow acreage was down 11%.


Total Canadian wheat production was forecast at 24,076,000 tonnes, up 4% from 23,166,800 tonnes in 2010, including spring wheat at 17,365,200 tonnes, down 0.7% from 17,484,900 tonnes, durum at 3,748,900 tonnes, up 24% from 3,024,700 tonnes, and winter wheat at 2,961,900 tonnes, up 11.5% from 2,657,200 tonnes a year ago.


"In the west, farmers reported that recent hot, sunny weather may temper production losses that had been anticipated earlier because of a damp, late spring with persistent wet conditions in many areas," Statistics Canada said.


Statistics Canada forecast 2011 rapeseed production at a record 13,192,500 tonnes, up 11% from 11,866,200 tonnes in 2010. Oats production was forecast at 2,886,400 tonnes, up 26% from 2,297,600 tonnes in 2010. The 2011 barley crop was forecast at 8,274,400 tonnes, up 9% from 7,605,300 tonnes a year ago.


Corn production was forecast at 9,983,300 tonnes, down 15% from 11,714,500 tonnes in 2010. Soy outturn was forecast at 3,862,100 tonnes, down 11% from 4,345,300 tonnes last year. Flaxseed production was forecast at 365,100 tonnes, down 14% from 423,000 tonnes in 2010.

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