August 25, 2011


India's rapeseed meal exports to China to be affected



If a chemical contamination problem is not settled by September 17, India's rapeseed meal exports to China are likely to be affected as the latter, being the largest importer of oilmeals, may stop shipments, according to the Solvents Extractors' Association of India on Wednesday (Aug 24).


According to Dow Jones, the trade body said that the problem of Malachite Green detected by the Chinese Authorities in Indian rapeseed meal has become very serious so exports to China would come to a grinding halt.


China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said in June that it found the chemical in cargoes, and such cargoes would have to be returned or destroyed in the future. China buys large quantities of rapeseed meal and soymeal, as well as small quantities of groundnut meal, from India.


The trade body said it was in constant touch with the Chinese government through the Indian embassy to resolve the issue.


China imported about 182,829 tonnes of rapeseed meal during the April-July period, out of the total rapeseed shipment of 413,167 tonnes.


Soymeal exports from India also faced a contamination problem earlier, when Vietnam complained of a Khapra Beetle infestation.

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