August 24, 2021


Agreement signed to boost food processing in Isabela, Philippines



A technology business incubation agreement aiming to boost the food processing industry in the province of Isabela, the Philippines, has been signed, the country's Department of Science and Technology (DOST) said.


The agreement was signed by officials of the Isabela State University-Cagayan Valley Small Ruminants Research Center (ISU-CVSRRC), Provincial Science and Technology Center (PSTC) of Isabela and the Sagittarian Agricultural Philippines, Inc. this month.


During his weekly report on August 20, DOST Secretary Fortunato T. de la Peña said the ISU's Agri-Aqua Technology Business Incubator (ATBI) under the National ATBI programme of the DOST-Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD) inked the incubation pact with Sagittarian Agricultural Philippines, Inc. "to expand the company's product line."


He noted that the company started its poultry production, hog-raising, fish production and grains trading in July 2016 and after two years, set up its Sagittarian Meat Processing.


"To promote the products, food counter outlets under the trade name "The Chicken Place" were installed initially within the city of Ilagan, and expanded in the provinces of Isabela and Cagayan," he said.


"Despite the pandemic, the company managed to respond to the need for fresh and affordable products by establishing Juicy Delight in December 2020. Juicy Delight carries locally produced products such as Hotdog, Hungarian Sausage, Longganisa, Embotido, Burger Patty, Nuggets, Ham and other chicken marinated products."


The DOST chief said seeing the need "to innovate and capture a bigger market", the company enrolled in the ISU-ATBI incubation programme managed by ISU's CVSRRC in partnership with PSTC.


With the signing of the agreement, the company will be assisted in developing canned chicken products utilising the developed meat canning technology of ISU-CVSRRC, ISU said.


"The canned products will be sold as ready-to-eat products and designed to be responsive to the present needs of the consumers. The company will utilise its own locally produced meat; hence, cost of production will be lower as compared to other food processors.


"Aside from developing canned products, ISU-ATBI will also provide services in brand marketing, e-commerce and financial management."


"With this partnership, we hope that the technology-based food processing will be adopted and hopefully, will boost the food processing industry in the province, utilising locally produced raw materials and soon will make Sagittarian Agricultural Philippines, Inc. one of the leading integrated agricultural companies in the country," ISU said.


- Manila Bulletin