InVivo NSA is now called 'Neovia' and has inaugurated its global innovation centre, We'nov, last month.


The company aspires to conduct business in a "new way" by adhering to entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable growth.


As a stakeholder that has been recognised in the animal nutrition and health industry for over 60 years, the new identity embodies the direction the company took since 2010. Progress is marked by accelerated development, internationalisation, enhanced shareholding, and diversification of activities (additives, petcare and aquaculture). It also highlights the company's entrepreneurial ambition and the innovative nature of its service offering.


"A new identity but primarily a unique way of understanding the challenges of the future: co-innovation, sustainable development and rational use of resources, feed quality and traceability, digitalisation and big data," Neovia's press statement said. A comprehensive, differentiated, and sustainable source of value creation.


Neovia's business model positions the company across the entire value chain from managing the procurement of raw materials to the marketing of breakthrough innovations. This comprehensive approach is based on a holistic view of customer needs worldwide on a comprehensive and scalable product and service offering.


Based on daily contact with the environment and the analysis of the practices of each customer, this approach is a vector of differentiation. Neovia is emerging as a responsible stakeholder in a logic of sustainable growth attaching particular importance to the reasonable use of resources and respect for livestock in its activities.


Innovation placed firmly at the heart of our company strategy


With We'nov, Neovia's global innovation centre, the company will accelerate the development and finalisation of innovative solutions and services in the animal nutrition and health sector. This centre will also foster the increase in collaborative projects with players in Neovia's ecosystem, within an assimilated approach of open innovation and sustainable growth.


A building that is resolutely innovative in terms of energy, environment and connectivity, the global innovation centre will also spotlight new ways of working that are resolutely open and collaborative. Working methods that apply a co-creation approach such as design thinking, and initiative that places market and / or societal expectations at the heart of innovation.


We'nov will be mainly working on five areas of innovation: smart farming, aquaculture, resource optimisation, interactive petline, and functional ingredients.


The recent creation of an investment fund of EUR5 million (US$5.6 million) - dedicated to innovative start-ups - clearly marks a decidedly entrepreneurial approach, Neovia concluded.



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