August 24, 2016                                                      
Animine appoints new product manager, researcher


Animine, a supplier of value added sources of trace minerals to the feed industry, has announced the appointment of Valérie Kromm and Denise de Senna Cardoso as product manager and researcher, respectively.

Kromm's (pictured, left) role will help to strengthen technical and marketing support. She graduated from VetAgro Sup (France) where she obtained a Master Degree in animal production. She has seven years of experience working as a technical sales manager with trace elements-based nutritional specialties.


Cardoso (pictured, right) will develop scientific knowledge in mineral nutrition under the scientific supervision of INRA and of Lyon University. Denise studied veterinary medicine at Santa Catarina State University (Brazil), and holds a Master Degree in sustainable animal nutrition and feeding from Aarhus University (Denmark) and Debrecen University (Hungary).


Their addition to the team comes to an opportune time in supporting the new applications of HiZox®, a potentiated source of zinc oxide, as well as accompanying the launch of CoRouge®, an innovative source of copper.

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