August 24, 2016


India seeks to boost poultry meat production



India has initiated a programme to bring poultry farming to the grassroots level in an effort to boost production of chicken and other poultry meat.


According to a news report, state governments have been asked for proposals to upscale the Rural Backyard Poultry Development Programme under the National Livelihood Mission.


Also under the proposed programme, 150 birds are to be distributed in five or six villages or a cluster in one block of a district of the state, a release issued by the Indian agriculture ministry said.


A major poultry product exporter, India produces 3.7 million tonnes of broiler meat annually and ranks fifth behind the US, which produces 17.3 million tonnes yearly, Brazil 12.7 million tonnes, China 13 million tonnes and the EU 10.3 million tonnes.

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