August 24, 2016


Amlan launches gut health product for piglets



Amlan has launched NeoPrime™, an intestinal and immunity primer for weaning and post-weaning piglets.

In clinical and farm usage studies, NeoPrime consistently delivered the equivalent of 5% more pigs at finish due to combined improvements in feed conversion and weight gain.

The product improves post-weaning performance by reducing the level of pathogenic bacteria and biotoxins from the intestines, energising and strengthening the cells that form the intestinal barrier, and stimulating passive and active immunities for the defense against pathogens.

"We know that intestinal health is essential for efficient conversion of feed to gain. The first phases of feeding are the most stressful for pigs, which can slow the development of a healthy intestinal environment and immune function," said Dr. Ron Cravens, president, Amlan International. "NeoPrime is focused on getting pigs off to a strong start for a lifetime of good production."

In addition to aiding in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, the intestinal environment forms a pig's first line of defence against the harmful bacterial and fungal biotoxins, bacteria, or feed-associated antigens that can cause diarrhoea, mal-absorption, and reduced growth and production.

Stressors surrounding the weaning period, such as separation from the sow, transition to dry food, and increased exposure to pathogens, are known to contribute to intestinal and immune dysfunctions that represent a major source of production losses in swine operations.

"Intestinal damage incurred during the post-weaning period can take as many as fifteen days to fully recover," said Cravens. "NeoPrime works to stem this damage, and as a result we've seen farms with improvements in feed conversion and weight gain of 7.5% and 13.6% respectively."

NeoPrime is currently approved for use in Japan, Thailand and the Philippines, and is waiting registration approval in multiple other countries in South America and the Asia-Pacific region.

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