August 24, 2016


Nutriad sponsors 2016 Broiler Feed Quality Conference




Nutriad was a gold sponsor of the 2016 Broiler Feed Quality Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand on August 18 and 19, and subsequently participated in the Broiler Feed Quality Highlights event held in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 22.


Nutriad hosted a well-attended talk on "The influence of mycotoxins on gut health and the effect on vaccination in broilers", presented by Dr. Glenn Ferriol, area manager for Southeast Asia. Dr. Ferriol highlighted, "Nowadays poultry diets contain a much higher inclusion of maize and maize by-products of DDGS than in the past. This information forces us to think about how feed containing medium to high concentration of fusarium mycotoxins affects poultry production."


BK Chew, regional director APAC, noticed a similar trend in both the countries where the conference was held. "Gut health products that improve animal performance are receiving a lot of attention. Either by choice in Thailand or, in the case of Indonesia, driven by changing regulation that aims to reduce the types of antibiotics that are allowed for in feed-applications, while defining maximum levels for several AGPs that are still allowed."

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