August 24, 2011


Uzbekistan sees 6.3-million-tonne wheat crop



The 2011-12 wheat produce of Uzbekistan is projected at 6.3 million tonnes, the USDA's Tashkent attache said Tuesday (Aug 23).


The prediction, which the USDA said includes around 55-60% wheat of milling quality, undercuts the government's official estimate of 6.52 million tonnes due to poor weather in some regions.


"A few regions in southern and northern parts of the country have failed to achieve state targets for grain production because of unusually dry weather and limited availability of irrigation water," said the report.


Domestic consumption for 2011-12 is forecast at around 6.3 million tonnes, largely unchanged despite an almost 10% rise in bread prices in the first quarter of 2011.


Wheat exports are estimated at around 400,000 tonnes in 2011-12 of largely lower-grade wheat, down from 450,000 tonnes the season before. Imports are expected to rise 500,000 tonnes to 1.4 million tonnes, largely of high-quality wheat and flour from Kazakhstan, the USDA added.

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