August 24, 2011

Moldova's 2011 wheat yield rises to 833,200 tonnes



The wheat harvest of Moldova increased from 775,500 tonnes in 2010 to 833,200 tonnes this year, the country's Agriculture Ministry data showed.


The average yield reached around three tonnes per hectare in 2011, up from 2.4 tonnes per hectare last year. Moldova put 281,100 hectares under wheat in the autumn of last year compared with 318,700 hectares a year earlier, according to the data from the ministry.


Milling wheat accounted for some 340,000 tonnes out of this year's crop, equal to the country's domestic demand, the ministry said.


Fodder wheat totalled 423,000 tonnes this year with 200,000 tonnes earmarked for export. The country has already exported 500 tonnes of the 2011 crop, the ministry said.


The remaining 70,000 tonnes will be stockpiled, the ministry added.

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