August 23, 2022


48-hour standstill at pig farms in South Korea ordered following ASF confirmation



A 48-hour standstill was ordered on pig farms and related facilities in the eastern Gangwon Province, South Korea, last weekend by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs after confirmation of a second African swine fever (ASF) case this year.


The movement ban began late on August 18 after an ASF outbreak at a pig farm in Yanggu, a county located about 175 kilometers northeast of Seoul. The ban ended on August 20.


According to Yonhap, quarantine officials are working to slaughter all of the 5,610 pigs raised at the farm to protect further spread of the deadly virus. Extensive disinfection work continues at pig farms and adjacent areas across South Korea.


South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-soo instructed officials to implement steps to mobilise all resources available to contain the spread of ASF and determine the exact infection route.


This latest outbreak has raised questions and caused some concern over the pork supply, especially as the fall harvest holiday, Chuseok, approaches next month.


Authorities said culling should not affect the supply or the prices as the pigs involved in the outbreak only make up 0.05% of the total pigs raised in South Korea, Yonhap said.


- Farm Journal's PORK

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