August 23, 2016                                                      

Hypor partners with Brazil's MAPA in expanding quarantine facility in São Paulo



Hypor is partnering with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and a selected number of global swine genetics companies to help renovate and expand Brazil's exclusive quarantine station in Cananéia, São Paulo, Brazil



"As a result of our preparation to enter Brazil, Hypor, has actively participated on the process to promote the expansion of the quarantine station," Marco de Almeida, the director of Hendrix Genetics Ltda (Brazil), said. "Only global pig breeding companies take part in this project; Hypor is one of them."


The project began in May and includes renovating the current facility to meet biosecurity standards as well as to expand the facility to double the holding capacity. The quarantine station in Cananéia is the only site in Brazil that can be used for quarantining imported animals. The site currently holds up to 500 pigs.


"Since past years outbreaks of swine diseases in other parts of the world, the Brazilian animal health authorities have decided to restrict the entrance of breeding animals in the country and have created a single entry point: a quarantine station at the island of Cananéia," Almeida explained. Brazil has made Cananéia the sole location for quarantining imported animals in hopes of transforming the location into a major biosecurity defense. Animals are supervised throughout their time at the facility; this gives Brazilian authorities more control over health examinations as well as more control to prevent diseases from entering the country.


 "Hypor pigs will debut in Brazil when the facility is completed in 2017," Almeida commented. He adds that the target is to have a gradual growth in market share during Hypor's operation in Brazil.


"Brazil is a very important pork producing country," Almeida said. "This project is a great opportunity for us to import pigs and to flag our presence in the Brazilian pig industry."


Pork exports in Brazil have increased consistently and further growth is expected.

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