August 23, 2011


Poultry industry boosts Indonesia's feed production growth



Although no indicative data is given, Indonesia's feed production is estimated to achieve five million tonnes during the first semester of 2011, says FX Sudirman, chairman of Indonesian Feedmills Association.


Of that production, 85% or around five million tonnes would be dominated by poultry feed, such as broiler, layer, duck and quail. The remaining 15% consists of cattle and pig feed and around 500,000 tonnes of aquaculture feed.


Sudirman also stated that three new feedmills have just been built in 2010. The first one is owned by PT Malindo Feedmill, the second one is owned by PT New Hope and is located in East Java. The third one is owned by PT East Hope and is located in West Java. "The investment of one feedmill ranged from US$50 million to US$100 million," he said.


Considering the additional three feedmills, Sudirman predicts the total production could reach 10.3 million tonnes at the end of 2011.

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