August 22, 2016


Bangladesh sees fish self-sufficiency in 2 years


Bangladesh targets to become self-sufficient in fish in the next two years as it embarks on 20 fisheries projects in fiscal year 2016-17 toward this end.


Fisheries Minister Sayedul Haq told the opening of a two-day workshop on fisheries research planning on Thursday, August 18, that if the current pace of production is sustained, "we will be self-sufficient in fish by 2018-2019".


He said Bangladesh produced an estimated 3.855 million tonnes of fish in FY 2015-2016. The annual demand is estimated at 4.2 million tonnes, he added, according to a report from the local The Financial Express.


Haq also said that if the current pace of fish production is maintained, Bangladesh would overpass India, if not China, in output. China, India and Thailand are the leaders, in that order, in aquatic production, while Bangladesh is No. 4, according to a FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) report released this year.


The United News of Bangladesh reported that BDT 324.45 crore (US$41.31 million) has been allocated for implementation of the 20 new fisheries projects.


Officials have also attributed Bangladesh's enhanced production to innovation and application of 57 technologies on fish breeding, culture and management.